If you are missing your animal, we require you to visit the shelter daily to see if your animal is here. Owners may look for their lost pet on this website by clicking below. If you find your pet in our database, you will need to bring proof of ownership (rabies certificate, a tag will not do, medical records or family pictures including the pet) to the shelter during normal business hours. 

NO information will be given over the phone!


The unique characteristics of your animal are only known to you, because of the large number of stray animals we see every day we can not take a description of your animal over the phone. If your animal came into our care with a collar AND traceable identification, we will do everything in our power to contact you. There are a number of ways your animal got lost, slipping the collar is probably one of them. So do not rely on a collar and tags as your dogs ticket home. Please come to PAWS as soon as you realize your pet is missing.

If your animal is microchipped &  the number is traceable through our database or is registered nation wide, we will contact the owner through listed information. If you have moved or changed your phone number since registering your animal’s microchip number make sure that the new information is updated with the registered database. Please remember that when animals have been away from home they get very scared and disoriented, it may take a day or so for us to gain the animals trust enough to be able to scan it. Some animals are just not going to have it. Please come check as soon as possible after you discover your pet is missing. We are located at the old back gate to Hurlburt Field, just off of Martin Luther King Boulevard on 752 Lovejoy Road. If you are driving south on Martin Luther King, you will make a right at the light and the shelter is located on the left side.