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Euthanasia and Cremation services

As many of us consider our pets family, PAWS understands the loss of a beloved pet companion can be an especially heartbreaking experience. Our compassionate staff are here to support both you and your pet during this difficult time.

Owner-Requested Euthanasia
When the quality of your pet’s life has seriously deteriorated due to old age, severe injury or a debilitating illness, you and your vet may decide humane euthanasia is the most compassionate option to alleviate pain and suffering. We offer a peaceful, private environment where our caring and certified team will help you, your pet and your family through the process. 

We offer cremation along with euthanasia services for an additional fee.  In cases when a pet has passed away at home, you may bring them to the shelter for cremation. Private and communal cremation options are available.


Service Options and Pricing

Humane Euthanasia - $150 (via appointment only)

Semi-Private Cremation Service - $150

  • Does not include euthanasia.

Private Pet Cremation Service - $600

  • Does not include euthanasia.

  • Ashes returned to owner in a memorial urn.

*PAWS is available to accept remains of a deceased pet if in need for a minimal fee of $50. Above additions are available, but not included.

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