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Every year, millions of dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens, are needlessly euthanized in shelters across the United States. Every single pet owner and community member can make a difference in combatting this heartbreaking issue through sterilization!

Why You Should Sterilize Your Pet:

1. Reduce Pet Overpopulation and Save Lives

The number of homeless animals varies by state, however, in some states there are as many as 300,000 homeless animals euthanized in animal shelters every year. Nationwide there are more than 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs that are euthanized in shelters annually. By spaying and neutering animals, we reduce the potential amount of animals on the streets and entering shelters. 

2. Healthier Lives

Spaying and neutering can help your furry best friend live a longer life!

Life expectancy has been proven to be increased through several studies if a pet is altered. Part of the increased lifespan of altered pets can be attributed to their decreased urge to roam, exposing them to fights with other animals, getting struck by cars, and other mishaps. Another contributor to the increased longevity of spayed and neutered dogs and cats involves the reduced risk of certain types of cancers. Unspayed female cats and dogs have a far greater chance of developing pyometra (a fatal uterine infection), uterine cancer, and other cancers of the reproductive system. Besides preventing unwanted litters, neutering your male companion prevents testicular cancer. It can also prevent perineal hernias and prostate disease.

3. Cost Efficient

The cost of your dog or cat’s alteration procedure is a lot less than the cost of having and caring for a litter. It also reduces the chance that they will roam and get into fights with other animals, thus saving you the cost of a potentially life-threatening injury. As mentioned above, it also reduced the chances of future medical complications due to being unaltered.

4. Behavior Benefits

Unaltered animals are much more assertive and prone to urine-marking (lifting their leg or spraying) than fixed dogs and cats. Spaying or neutering your dog should reduce urine-marking and may stop it altogether, saving you from having to clean up a mess in the house, and the smell. Alteration can also minimize howling and the urge to roam.

Spaying and neutering can also adjust an animal’s focus to their owner. This results in a stronger bond with your animal and a greater sense of love for both parties.

*While getting your pets spayed/neutered can help curb undesirable behaviors, it will not change their fundamental personality, like their protective instinct.

5. Helping More Animals Find Homes

In a study by PetSmart Charities it was found that one of the biggest motivators for adoption is the fact that most, if not all, animals from shelters are spayed or neutered when they are brought into the facility. In fact, in 2011, 41% of those surveyed said that they adopted because they wanted a pet already spay/ neutered/vaccinated.

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