Okaloosa County Animal Services at PAWS is chartered to enforce all State, County and Municipal Laws and Ordinances. The purpose of Animal Control is to help insure the public safety as well as provide safer environmental conditions for animals. While officers have the authority to issue citations and perform other enforcement functions, the emphasis is to try to ensure compliance through educational efforts as opposed to policing functions. Though the division is primarily a public safety department, the continuing emphasis is on the need for humane treatment in the fulfillment of objectives. Specific efforts are geared to being part of the solution to animal control problems rather than merely treating the symptoms, see our future programs listed below.

Future Programs:

PAWS is looking for volunteers to assist with implementing programs to showcase animals of the shelter in the local community.  We need volunteers! Please CLICK HERE if you are interested.

  • Adoption Events and On location programs

  • Exercise the dogs and socialize the cats

  • Adoption Ambassador Program

  • Community Cat  Spay/Neuter Days

Contact Information:

If you need to contact Animal Services, please email us at


Vote for the animals! Support legislation to protect animals. Contact government officials and urge them to support pro-animal legislation.

Florida Law:

Florida State Legislature

Okaloosa Country Ordinances (See chapter 5: Animals & Fowl)

Florida Lemon Law Brochure

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