What is a Dangerous Dog? 

Any dog that, according to the records of county animal services and enforcement:

(1) Has, aggressively bitten, attacked, or endangered a human being, or has inflicted severe injury on a human being on public or private property; or

(2) Has, more than once, severely injured or killed a domestic animal while off the owner’s property; or

(3) Has been used primarily, or in part, for the purpose of fighting, or is a dog trained for dog fighting; or

(4) Has, without provocation, chased or approached a person upon the streets, sidewalks, or any public grounds in an aggressive, menacing fashion or apparent attitude of attack; provided that such actions are attested to in a sworn statement by one or more persons, and dutifully investigated by the appropriate authority.

(5) A dog shall not be declared dangerous if the threat, injury, or damage was sustained by a person who, at the time, was unlawfully on the property or, while lawfully on the property, was teasing, tormenting, abusing, or assaulting the dog or its owner or a family member.

(6) No dog may be declared dangerous if the dog was protecting or defending a human being within the immediate vicinity of the dog from an unjustified attack or assault.

If Animal Services finds sufficient cause to declare a dog as “Dangerous”, the owner is notified in writing. At this point the owner has three options:

1) Appeal the notice of sufficient cause to the Dangerous Dog Council, who will hold a hearing and either accept or rescind the declaration (note: if the Council accepts the sufficient cause findings, the owner may appeal their decision to the County Court); or

2) Comply with the Dangerous Dog Restrictions (listed at the bottom of the page); or

3) Sign the dog over to Animal Services and Enforcement.

To comply with the Dangerous Dog Restrictions a dog owner must have:

1) A current certificate of rabies vaccination and animal license tag for the dog.

2) A locked, secure enclosure to confine the dangerous dog, and the posting of the premises with a clearly visible warning sign at all entry points that informs both children and adults of the presence of a dangerous dog on the property.

3) Proof of permanent identification of the dangerous dog, such as a tattoo or an electronic implantation, as specified by the Animal Services and Enforcement Director, within twenty-four (24) hours of release.

(4) Payment of the applicable annual fee for the issuance of certificate of registration required by this section. The annual fee shall be established by resolution of the Board.

(6) The owner shall obtain a dangerous dog tag from the Animal Services and Enforcement Director or designee that shall be worn by the dog at all times. The purpose of the tag shall be to provide immediate identification to Animal Services and Enforcement and the public that the dog has been declared dangerous.

Locally Owned Dangerous Dogs:


DD-145 Dwayne Anderson

44 5th Street, #136

Abbie - Pit Bull Mix

Dog is Missing


DD-160 Kevin Jozwiak

131 Country Club Drive

Tala - German Shepard

Open & Active


DD-175 David McAlister

1007 Shalimar Pointe Dr.

Jasper - Sheepdog, Poodle Mix

Open & Active


DD-215 Donna/Earl Fitzsimmons

45 5th Street, 10

Doobie - Boxer/Mastiff

Dog is Missing


DD-277Lindsey Bacon

11 Handolin

Casanova - Blue Heeler

Owner & Dog Missing


DD-295 Pete Strong

2816 Jack Nicklaus Way

Kody - Labrador Retreiver Mix

Dog Died

Fort Walton Beach:

DD-118 Rynn Gilmore

556 Pocahontas

Spike - Pit Bull Mix

Open & Active


DD-141 Jonathon McNabb

103 Methodist

Colored Girl - Pit Bull Mix

Open & Active


DD-151 Joshua Gilhaus

2907 Bentwood Lane

Justice - Pit Bull Mix

Open & Active


DD-158 Emily Stull

3060 Yorktown Circle

Leo - Dachshund

Open & Active


DD-170 Landon Cardreon

708 Dale Place

Gauge - Pit Bull Mix

Open & Active


DD-182 Jose Rivera

699 Lloyd Street

Ness - Pit Bull

Open & Active


DD-195 Robert/Patsy Bloomquist

5 NW Cinderella Court

Rocky - Boston Terrier

Owner & Dog Missing


DD-200 Richard White

767 Pinecrest Lane

Sugar - Pit Bull Mix

Open & Active


DD-240James Williams

409 Corvet Street

Boo - Pit Bull

Owner & Dog Missing


DD-262 Trish Shewmake

132 Shell Avenue

Rocky - Pit Bull

Open & Active


DD-263 Yvette Stecklein

701 Spencer Drive

Toby - Bull Dog

Moved Out of County


DD-264 Yvette Stecklein

701 Spencer Drive

Spencer - Labrador Retriever

Moved Out of County


DD-269 Lawanda Brundidge

510 Union Street #27

Princess - Pit Bull

Dog Missing


DD-271 Justin Chandler

800 Denton Boulevard #4

Uma - Pit Bull

Dog is Deceased


DD-280 Ray Short

705 Osage

Boss - Boston Terrier

Open & Active


DD-282 Nick Napela

345 Kepner

Cali - English Bull Dog

Dog & Owner are Missing


DD-286 Rebecca Barney

328 Kathleen Place

Buddy - Labrador Retriever

Open & Active


DD-287 Jose Melendez

375 Bluefish Dr., Apt 103

Tyson - Pit Bull

Open & Active


DD-296 Richard Allen

705 Lloyd Street

Bailey - Weimaraner

Dog is Deceased


DD Alicia Fondacaro

1192 Cathridge Trace

Hector - Belgian Malinios

Moved out of state


DD-113 Erin Astashin

4000 Gulf Terrace #11-143

Blue - Pit Bull Mix

Dog is Missing


DD-193 Antonia Bjornson

807 Pine Street

Red - Bull Dog/German Shepard

Owner & Dog Missing


DD-219 Dorthy Flynn

332 Wimico Circle

Jack - Great Dane

Dog Died


Mary Esther:

DD-176 Nicholas Chamineak

72 Brenda Lane

Skylar - Labrador Mix

Open & Active


DD-201Robert Cruise

24 Ranger Road, B

Sassy - Boxer

Open & Active


DD-207 Gabriel Chapman

396 Rosewood

Pamona - Pit Bull

Moved out of county


DD-208 Gabriel Chapman

396 Rosewood

Falcon - Pit Bull

Moved out of county


DD-253 Juan/Unson Salazar

413 Sandy Ridge Circle

Blue - Pit Bull

Open & Active


DD-294 Jermaine Richardson

18 Mary Esther Drive

Xion - Pit Bull Mix

Owner/Dog Missing


DD-105 Andy Loyd

1041 48th Street

Buddy - Labrador/Bulldog

Dog is Missing


DD-144 Whitney Stephens

935 Ridgewood Way

Lola - Boxer Mix

Open & Active


DD-221 Amelia/Marlon Buchanan

1426 Hickory Avenue

Dominique - Pit Bull

Dog Died


DD-224 John Sheldon

108 West Hampton Ct.

Dude - Boxer

Moved out of state


DD-225 John Sheldon

108 West Hampton Ct.

Babe - Boxer

Moved out of state


DD-256 Jerod/Amber Doran

646 Randall Roberts

Hercules - Bull Mastiff

Moved out of county

DD-258 Russell Puffer/Crystal Wilson

1224 Whitewood Way

Chewie - Labrador Retriever Mix

Open & Active


DD-273 Barbara Quinley

1406 Cedar Street

Dean - Pit Bull

Dog Moved Out of State


DD-290 Robert Lajeunesse

503 Wexford Drive

Nonlani - Tricolored Beagle

Open & Active


DD-291 Robert Lajeunesse

503 Wexford Drive

Pilot - Tricolored Beagle

Open & Active


DD-299 Erin Czeskleba

238 Antigua Way

Felony - Pit Bull Mix

Dog is Deceased


DD-288 Patrick Bicknell

308 Florida Street

Tyler - Miniature Pincher/Chow Mix

Dog is Deceased


Eglin AFB:

DD-227 Michael Harris

307 Chisk Lane

FreddieJack Russell/Terrier Mix

Moved out of state



DD-119 Holly Barrow

4688 Live Oak Church

Paris - Pit Bull Mix

Open & Active


DD-120 William Huerta

602 Northview

Keeper - German Shepard Mix

Open & Active


DD-189 Becky Evans

434 Apple Drive

Kito - Chow Chow

Dog is Deceased


DD-205Adrienne Patricelli

5278 Godfrey Street

Bud - Bulldog

Owner & Dog Missing


DD-222 Charles Akujobi

Season - Pit Bull Mix

Moved Out of State


DD-245 Scarlett Hamilton

512 Stillwell Boulevard

Sunshine - Pit Bull

Dog Died


DD-250 Todd Dertien

1405 Texas Parkway

Macho - Pit Bull

Moved out of county


DD-257 Betty Martin

3123 Chestnut

Sparkle - Rottweiler Mix

Dog Died


DD-261 Joshua Taylor

3314 Broadview Circle

Dakota - Labrador Retriever

Open & Active


DD-272 Joseph Jennings

720 E. Brock Avenue

Xavier - Labrador Retriever/Bull Dog

Dog Died


DD-274 Joshua/Bethany Grace

2441 Moonstone Drive

Mako - Bull Dog/Miniature Pinscher

Moved out of state


DD-281 Valerie & Robert Wilcox

3429 Melissa Lane

Krypto - Brown/Red Pit Bull Mix

Open & Active


DD-285 Valerie & Robert Wilcox

3429 Melissa Lane

Cadin - Fawn Colored Pit Bull Mix

Dog Died


DD-289 Tony Morales

5613 Galaxy Drive

Petie - Pit Bull

Open & Active



DD-107 Stacey Barkman

5926 Buck Ward Road

Chessy - German Shepard/Boxer Mix

Dog is Missing



DD-179 Steve/Elizabeth Creech

4578 Wilkerson Bluff Road

Hennessey - Beagle

Open & Active


DD-213 Brenda Matthews

4553 Belgium Run

Shadow - Bull Dog

Open & Active


DD-300 Deborah King

4299 Woodpecker Lane

Tarbaby - Pit Bull

Open & Active



DD-266BJ  Caitlin/Edgar Jones

1551 Hickory Road

Rhythm - Pit Bull Mix

Dog died


DeFuniak Springs:

DD-275 Joseph Derouin

40 Kemper Lane

Krystile - Pit Bull

Moved out of county

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