Our Staff

Our Humane Services Division oversees the care of the animals taken into the Adoption Center and The Vet Clinic.

Our Animal Services Division, certified by the State of Florida, helps insure the public safety and provides safer environmental conditions for animals. Though the division is primarily a public safety department, the emphasis is on the need for humane treatment in the fulfillment of objectives. Specific efforts are geared to being part of the solution to animal services problems rather than merely treating the symptoms.



The Board of Directors oversee and guide the staff at PAWS and include professional individuals from local businesses and organizations.

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Board Members:

President: Bonnie Stine

Vice President: Richard "Woofy" Rahilly

Treasurer: Susan Parker

Secretary: Michelle Curry

Kyle Bauman

Peter Bidzos

Steve Burks

Trevor Carr

Mark Rubin

Sharon Trenary

Robin White

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